Monthly Archives: January 2008

Mom, what’s this?


The Man asked me this tonight during dinner.  He’s sitting there twirling his corndog around, pointing at the breading.  “I don’t know Man, what is it?”

 “It’s corndog clothes mama.”




How in the world do you teach a child things like you shouldn’t lie.  The Dude has been caught in several lies.  He ate a whole box of cookies and then hid the box behind a dresser.  When asked where the cookies were, he said, “oh, the monster ate them.  He put the box back here.”  Geesh.  At least blame your brother!  At his school, the kids have a color chart, and which each warning, the color changes.  The kids start at blue, then yellow, orange, green, and red.  The Dude is allowed to play his Cars Xbox game, only if he has a blue card.  So he tells me last week that he has a blue card, so he plays his game for 30 minutes.  That night is family night, where we get to go to his classroom, read, play games, etc.  I look at his chart, and lo and behold, there is a orange card!  GRRR!  So how do you teach this?

One other question, why do my kids never flush thier turds?  ACK!

Who we are …


such a touchy subject.  We are a middle class family, trying to live the American dream.  What’s that you ask?  Living in debt up to our ears, buying things we don’t need, eating extra large-supersized meals.  Ok, no that’s not what we’re trying to achieve (i before e, except after c).  My husband, Michael, and I have three boys:  the Dude, the Man, and the Baby (names changed to protect the innocent, and in most cases – the guilty).  They are 5.5 years, 4 years, and 2 years old.  The old man and I have been married for six years this March, and amazingly only one of us has gray hair.

We both work, I go to school, one kid goes to kindergarten, one to preschool, and the Baby gets tossed around between schedules. 

That’s enough for now, you’ll have to check back for more intriguing thoughts.

What’s the point?


I’m so glad you asked!  Why should you read another of many countless number of blogs, much less this one?  Well good fack, don’t.  See if I care.  Let’s see, hmmmmmmmm, nope, sure don’t. 

I’m not sure what I’ll share in this blog.  Family stuff, work, thoughts, who knows.  Whatever is on my mind I suppose.  If you are reading though, go ahead and link me (I think that’s what I’m suppose to say, who knows what it means).  If you are a friend from the past, present, or future, leave a comment.  If you are a enemy, leave a comment, and I’ll deal with your shit later.

 lmao, here’s something ironic, doing a spell check, “blog” isn’t a word.