Who we are …


such a touchy subject.  We are a middle class family, trying to live the American dream.  What’s that you ask?  Living in debt up to our ears, buying things we don’t need, eating extra large-supersized meals.  Ok, no that’s not what we’re trying to achieve (i before e, except after c).  My husband, Michael, and I have three boys:  the Dude, the Man, and the Baby (names changed to protect the innocent, and in most cases – the guilty).  They are 5.5 years, 4 years, and 2 years old.  The old man and I have been married for six years this March, and amazingly only one of us has gray hair.

We both work, I go to school, one kid goes to kindergarten, one to preschool, and the Baby gets tossed around between schedules. 

That’s enough for now, you’ll have to check back for more intriguing thoughts.


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