How in the world do you teach a child things like you shouldn’t lie.  The Dude has been caught in several lies.  He ate a whole box of cookies and then hid the box behind a dresser.  When asked where the cookies were, he said, “oh, the monster ate them.  He put the box back here.”  Geesh.  At least blame your brother!  At his school, the kids have a color chart, and which each warning, the color changes.  The kids start at blue, then yellow, orange, green, and red.  The Dude is allowed to play his Cars Xbox game, only if he has a blue card.  So he tells me last week that he has a blue card, so he plays his game for 30 minutes.  That night is family night, where we get to go to his classroom, read, play games, etc.  I look at his chart, and lo and behold, there is a orange card!  GRRR!  So how do you teach this?

One other question, why do my kids never flush thier turds?  ACK!


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