Where did the time go?


I’m sitting here before class, trying to figure out when I am suppose to study for my exam next week, do the laundry that I haven’t done in a week, sweep and mop the floors, do the bathrooms, plan the Man’s fourth birthday party (NEXT WEEK),  and work!  OMG, my sheets haven’t been washed in ages.  I know I did all this stuff last year, but how?  How did I organize it all and do it?  Here it is, the Thursday before the Tuesday exam, and I have barely studied.  Did I mention that I work the next two nights?  I wish there was a piece that I could take away, but I can’t.  I know that all those things can wait, but really how long can they wait?   Eventually we’ll need clean clothes to wear (in fact, I need clean uniforms for tonight).  Eventually the kids will be tired of rolling on a dirty floor.  My list doesn’t even include spending time with the kids or the husband person.   Thank goodness he’s occupied with digging holes in the ground for a deck.

But as I sit here, thinking of all my problems, I remember a conversation on the radio this morning.  Tuesday night, many people died.  Thirteen here in Arkansas, maybe 50 in Tennessee, and more in other states.  That’s not even counting the hundreds or thousands that were left homeless, having to deal with looters amidst all of this.  Can you believe LOOTERS!  Are we in New Orleans?  Who would have the audacity to do that? On top of that, we go from 70 degree weather to below freezing.  Tornadoes tore up their towns and homes, leaving them with a pile of rubble and mess to go through, in the freezing cold.

So while my life seems to be running by, leaving me behind some days, I should be thankful for the time I do have and the place that I am in.


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  1. I’m in Memphis, actually. We had a mall that was hit pretty hard, so the looters have been out en masse.


    I noticed you added me to your blogroll! I wanted to thank you and add you back, but I feel compelled to tell you that I am not a nurse. I wouldn’t last a day in their shoes. Rather, I am an out-of-work writer who needed a job to pay the rent until I find more writing work, so I’m in hospital administration (finance) for now. This just gives me a lot to write about. 🙂


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