New Fave Item



My mother in law (MIL) gave me one of these last night.  Hillside self heating coffee.  I’ve seen them in the stores, but as an avid fan of the green circle international coffee chain (for those of you who aren’t up to date ~Starbucks), I have never bought them.

What you do is pop a button on the bottom, let it sit for about 8 minutes, and you have yourself an extremely hot coffee drink!  Tasty too!

 can.gifI’m really amazed at this product.  It uses quicklime to heat the product.  I’m not sure what quicklime is, but it never comes into contact with your drink.  These are great to keep in your emergency kit at home or in the car, you never know when you’ll have a winter storm or your car go out!  Could be great for those late nights on my boat!


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