When a Heart Breaks


It’s amazing how many times as a Mother, that your heart breaks for your child.   Yesterday it happened to me again.  My boys have never been to a birthday party, other than the ones we host.  We don’t go to play groups, so the only interaction with other kids is at kindergarten, preschool, and at the sitter’s house.  Yesterday at a cousin’s birthday party, they were so lost.  These cousins, birthday boy turned eight and the other is six, have a coach for a dad.  Or rather, a dad that is a coach.  They’ve been in organized sports since age three, and even had teaching before that.  Most of the first graders (yes the entire elementary first grade class) was like this, and most of them in basketball together.  The boys have balls and all that stuff, but we just play with it, however the Dude can toss a mean football.  When we first got to the basketball court, it was open play.  The boys had a blast, running, kicking, throwing, bouncing balls.  The Baby got a balloon and ran like a mad man, it was cute.  Then came the organized games.  The first was a relay race.  It consisted of bouncing a giant ball down to the cones, and back to your team-mate.  The Dude and Man were on the same team.  They laughed and yelled for their team, it was cute.  When their turn came (on the same team) they did great!  So cute!

Next game the 5 on 5.  They were divided up into same teams to play basketball.  This is where my heart was broken.  At first I was busy with the Baby’s obsession with balloons, but when I was able to sit and watch, I saw the Man standing in the middle of his game, just lost.  My heart broke.  He just stood there having no clue was to what he was suppose to be doing.  I called out to him and asked if he wanted to sit with me and he came running.  Poor baby, he sat on my lap and said that he didn’t know how.  We then started to watch the Dude’s game.  He was running back and forth with the other kids like a champ.  But he soon ran out of breath.  I asked if he knew what to do and he said no.  I said you need to get the ball and put it in your basket to make points.  OK, he says and runs back out.  Next thing I know, he’s tackling the other boys!  I was laughing so hard.  But he eventually gave up and sat with us.  I felt so bad for them. 

I know you are not suppose to compare your children to others, but when I do (like to the cousins) I always feel like they are so far behind.  But I guess that’s OK right?  I mean the first graders there were asking my sister in law (sil) to play songs by Soulja Boy, Camillionaire, etc.  Really?  I don’t think any of my kids could list a singer or a band.  Maybe Hanna Montana I guess, but that’s about it.

I should feel lucky I suppose and not bad for my children.  They are still blessed in their innocence.


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  1. Yeah, I know what you’re saying there. We don’t really listen to commercial radio…or watch MTV…or do a lot of the things that other 10 year olds are doing. And the whole girls and sex and dating thing…that just seems miles away. I want to let him enjoy his childhood…but I don’t want Jordan ridiculed by the other kids who are being forced to grow up too dang fast. It’s tough.

  2. Awww, I’ve been through the same things. When #2 and #3 were little, we went to a community picnic, and they joined the race with all the other kids their ages. The kids take off, and as I’m watching with all the other moms and dads, there are my two, standing there, looking lost, holding hands. I felt bad, but then thought, they’ll be ok. They have each other.
    Now, when they go places like that, they kick ASS! brings a tear to your eye, don’t it? hehe.

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