Feeling Shallow


As I sit here and watch the Oscars, where movie stars who make millions a year for repeating the words that someone else wrote (and gets paid much less), spend thousands of dollars on dresses, shoes, and other accessories to sit in a theater and drool over one another.  I realize that half of the movies I’ve never heard of.  My scope of entertainment is watching re-runs of CSI and reading gossip blogs.  I watch blockbuster movies, but never international ones, much less any that are nominated for an Oscar (Harry Potter anyone).  Books?  Unless it has information regarding medication doses, how poop is backed up into your system, or the pathological system of your body, I don’t read it.

What I feel like is another useless citizen.  You know the ones that can tell you who is dating who, which tv show is being renewed next season, or what movie you should see.  But they couldn’t tell you the presidential candidate, prime minister of England, or who the Attorney General is.

So, do any of you have any great books or movies that you recommend?


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  1. Well, I wouldn’t call this a great book but it might be a good start for you to get into reading, and it is well written and entertaining enough — “The Devil Wears Prada.” A frivolous read but like I said a good start. I can give you more ideas and some deeper reads if you’re interested. I’m a bookworm.

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