It is that time, the one that comes once a year.  You wait in anticipation each year, and y ou save your money for this.  It blows your diet, but you can’t resist.  They attack you at your door, your school, your work, your church.  Even in the shopping mall parking lot.  Outside Krogers.  Everywhere.  You don’t need them, but it’s for a good cause.  And they are good ~ and you can’t resist. 


Samoas, thin mint, trefoils.  All of them!  Soooo delicious!  I only bought 15 boxes this year!  ACK!  Why can’t I resist them?  They are so overpriced and yet I buy them every year.  I think I need less friends.  I always feel obligated to buy some from each friend’s kid!  Maybe I’ll dump my friends in January, and pick them up again by summer time.  Seems fair!


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