Yeah, not that kind, you have a dirty dirty mind (if you don’t get it, go to

I’m talking about how if you are mad, let’s say your spouse is off for a week, no work at all.  And they take the first four days and do nothing.  Then the next two to paint some railing and trim outside, and then the last day to move stuff around on the carport and maybe toss a few things out.  But there is the painting inside, tools everywhere, wires that need to be fixed on the television, laundry to put away, floors to be mopped, walls to be cleaned, and every other thing you can think of that needs to be done in a home.  The the spouse goes to work for one day, and is off the next two day.  Remember, this is all speculation!  And on that first day off, he he or she does nothing, once again.  Meanwhile, you work 4 twelve hour shifts, (overnight) then a 10 hour clinical day.  You come home and finally just lose it.  You say mean things, they say mean things.  Mean things are said to the kids.  Everyone is angry, no one is happy.  It all builds from one little thing and snowballs into a huge avalanche.

It’s frustrating.  I wish at times we could go back to the simpler times.  When kids could play outside all day, families ate dinner together (we do), people worked 9-5 jobs.  It wasn’t about the big TVs, how many channels you have, what kind of car you have, or how much money you could flaunt.  People were friends with their neighbors, had backyard bar-b-ques and went to the ballgame on Friday nights.

I know we’ve come a long way since then in terms of civil rights and technology, but the stress of today can have so much pressure on a family, that it breaks it up. 

I wonder if groups in America, that live minimally (Amish, Mennonites, etc) have the same percentage of divorce, depression, suicides, drug use, etc in their communities.

 I try to be a good parent and good wife, but sometimes it’s so hard not to lose yourself in those roles.  You just need a break sometimes.


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