OWWW! I feel good!



I got to sleep in today!  After weeks of waking up at 5am or 6am (after a toss n turn night), taking the Dude to school, then going to school myself, pick up kids, clean, dinner, and often then to work for a 12 hour shift, then only sleeping 3-5 hours the next day before I work again . . . well none of that happened.  I studied last night until around 10pm, went to bed, only woke up maybe twice, told the Daddy-O to get up.  He took the Dude to school, and the other two slept until ….. wait for it……. NINE AM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel good, finally rested.  I have the smallest two beans at home today.  I can study for my best test tomorrow (which is the one I did horribly on last year) and clean my horrible house.  Next week is spring break, WOOT!  I plan on working Thursday through Sunday nights (12 hours), be off Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (hoping maybe go camping and the circus), and then work again Thursday through Saturday nights.  Sunday is our anniversary!  Woot!


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