1 AM, what’s that noise?


I’m laying in bed, watching a movie.  The husband person is out celebrating Carlos’ birthday.  It’s 1AM, yes I should be asleep, but since it is spring break, my schedule is all wonky.  I hear a noise.   Noises aren’t unusual, as we are by the highway.  But this noise continually gets closer and closer.  It’s a sound that I recognize instantly.

It’s the sound of two drunk men racing the plasma cars down the hill.  At 1 AM.  I go out in my pj’s and stand at the end of the driveway.  I can see the tall and thin silhouette of Mr. Husband and the large round shape of Carlos walking up the hill.  I wait, and then I hear them start.  Whooping and hollering then come racing down.  I can see the glow of the Husband person’s cigarette.  As they stop in front of me, they laugh like a couple of seven year old boys.  Have I mentioned that my husband person is 33?  And Carlos is now 23?  Both are drunk and loopy.

As I type this, they come in and decide they are hungry.  They know better than to ask me to make them some food!


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  1. Too funny! Last time anything like that happened around here, they raced (and tried to jump a ramp) on their lawnmowers. Nice…

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