I’m not lost


I know my millions of readers (hello?  echo? echo?) have been wondering where I have been.  Here’s a rundown:

1.Relaxing.  That’s it.  It’s spring break baby!

2.  I passed my test last week, which is a HUGE relief to me.  Knowing that this time I will pass and am that much closer to getting my degree, phew!  But I have NOT been studying.  Although I need to.  Flunking last year and getting a ‘F’ seriously did some damage to my GPA.  I need to bring it up, or else I can’t get into a Masters program.

3. Kids.  Yes they are on spring break too.  No, I’m not sitting on the beach doing nothing but drinking icy margaritas.  I wish.  We have pretty much been playing outside during the day into the evening.  We were going to take a road trip today, but decided against it.

4.  I’ve been to the gym.  Yes, I have!  If  I am going to wake-board this summer, I need some abs and some cardio build up!

5.  The boat.  OMG, I LOVE going out in the evening, being pretty much the only one out there, sun setting, sooo peaceful.  Then the kids try to jump out.  UGH!  The water is so peaceful right now, a cool 70 degree temp, it’s wonderful.  Give it a month, and all the party people will be drunk, speeding, and flashing their tits.  Sorry people, it’s fun.  (giggle)

6.  Work.  Ugh.  I can’t do all the above without this.  Gag.

7.  Fixin’ up.  I painted some things, pulled down some wall paper, cut some trees, etc.  I’ll post pics whenever I get to the store and remember to buy batteries.

8.  Myspace.  I spent all day today redoing it.  I still need pics.

That’s it in a nutshell!


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