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Meet the ‘G’ Team



Christmas Already????


The Dude informed me last night,

“After my t-ball practice, after me and you and brother and brother and gigi and my class go to the zoo, after I have my track day, after your birtday, after my birthday, after we do firelights, after we go camping, after I start first grade, after I am my favorite superhero superman for halloween, and after we go trickery treating, and after you make a turkey, and then we have Christmas again.

Geesh, is THAT all?

Tree Huggers


Happy Earth Day!  I hope y’all have been making small steps to become more green!  It’s all the rage!  I’ve bought reuseable bags, switched to those fancy light bulbs, am going to start my own garden.  Of course I still drive a gas guzzler Tahoe  😦  .  Do something good for Earth today!

Here are two of my tree huggers yesterday

Shortest Owned Pet


The Man found a turtle the other day.  Poor turtle was getting shoved around.  “Look at my turtle!  Look!  Look!”  At one point he put the turtle in his room, and I told him to put the thing in a box if he’s going to keep it in his room.  Did he?  No.  He lost his turtle in his room, so Mommy had to come find it.

Here is the Turtle sunbathing (HIDING)


And here is Turtle, again hiding, after being barked at by Gumbo:

And then five minutes after that picture, Daddy pulled into the driveway. 





After trying to take the back part of the dryer off, duct tape on a hanger, shoving a small child’s hand, and yelling trying to summons the Tide out, I finally had an idea.  Flip the dryer over.  Easy right?  Not.

First, there is not enough room in my laundry closet to ‘just’ flip it over.  First I had to move the pile of clothes, then the washer, then inch the dryer back and forth, back and forth, until I had enough clearance to get it.  It came to the top (bottom now) and I put it out.

The Flip:

The Mess, you can see the pile of crap that came out:

I made 56 cents:

The Culprit to my Stress:

What to do with your 2 year old while you flip your dryer, Top Bunk and some Little Bear: