Single Moms


On another little place I visit, a discussion (I use that term loosely) about who a single Mom really was.  Is it the Mother who solely supports her and her children ~ financially, emotionally, spiritually?  What about women who are married, but their spouse/SO are overseas or are on the road for work (for extended periods of time)?  Some argued that the latter woman still had financial backing, along with emotional support from the SO.  In that case, then would a single Mother, who is receiving child support and/or alimony be considered a single Mother also, because they too would be receiving help from another person.  I really have no opinion, except that until you – yourself is in that spot, no one can determine as such.

I don’t know how single Moms do it.  Many people say they don’t know how I go to school, work full time, have a household, three young children and my husband.  I say that you just do it.  People have done it before, I’m not the first.  There are others who do it that ARE single Mothers, whereas I have the support of my Husband.  People have done it with less, you hear inspiring stories of Mothers (and Fathers) who live on bare minimum while trying to get to where they are going (ever see the movie “Pursuit of Happiness).

I hope I never had to be in their shoes.  I am blessed where I am now.  It sucks being broke, it sucks having to study, but I am better off than most people.  I remember one time, when Mr. Husband and I were broke, we went to the convenience store for a snack (hello 25 cent Little Debbies, heck they are 35 cents now), a man came in and asked if he could buy something for the 33 cents he had.  We ended up buying him a loaf of bread and some peanut butter.

For you single Mothers out there, HUGS HUGS HUGS!  You need them.  I don’t know how YOU do it.  I wanted to share a great read by a fellow blogger, it’s about single Moms and dating.  Read it

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