After trying to take the back part of the dryer off, duct tape on a hanger, shoving a small child’s hand, and yelling trying to summons the Tide out, I finally had an idea.  Flip the dryer over.  Easy right?  Not.

First, there is not enough room in my laundry closet to ‘just’ flip it over.  First I had to move the pile of clothes, then the washer, then inch the dryer back and forth, back and forth, until I had enough clearance to get it.  It came to the top (bottom now) and I put it out.

The Flip:

The Mess, you can see the pile of crap that came out:

I made 56 cents:

The Culprit to my Stress:

What to do with your 2 year old while you flip your dryer, Top Bunk and some Little Bear:


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  1. LOL, I thought I was the only one who profited from her family’s laundry (any money left in pockets, floor or where ever is MINE).

    And we’re having plumbing problems too. I blame my kid too. 😉

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