Will it ever end?




UGH!  When it rains, it pours!  Really!  It’s raining, AGAIN!  But that’s the least of my worries.  Due to miscalculations, my checking account has been, err, extended beyond it’s normal abilities.  So, my check tomorrow will be enough to cover that and the truck payment.  But not enough to cover the sitter and many other bills I have.

Our plumbing if fubar again.  The toilet in our bathroom has been out of service for weeks (months?), but due to financial reasons, we haven’t gotten it fixed.  It cost almost $500 back in December to unclog the two toilets (thanks kids).  Now, the other one is acting up, which again, I blame the Baby.

The hallway and the bathroom have just sheet rock, because my “dear” husband decided to tear down the wallpaper to paint it.  Yeah, no money = no painting.  So now I have these ugly walls ~ that don’t come clean.  So when you walk in my hallway, there is blood on the wall, from where the Dude cut his finger. 

The bathroom stinks, due to little boys peeing and hitting the linoleum (which SOAKS up liquid and odors) instead of the toilet.

I dropped a sample of Tide detergent down the dryer vent, which I cannot get out, so therefore I can’t due the freaking laundry, which is piled up in the non-working bathroom.

The freaking dog has chewed a windowsill, a banister and now I come home from school to find that he has torn up the carpet at the end of the hallway (going into the living room).

So once again, I will work another 4-12 hour overnight shifts, napping during the day, trying to keep my boys out of trouble (which I normally fall asleep while they trash the house), end up being exhausted, wasting my monday sleeping all day, and then start all over on tuesday.  And when I get paid again, I’ll once again be broke to pay for the freaking bills that will be late.

Have I mentioned that it is raining again?


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  1. 😦 I hope you find some relief soon. IT sucks. In fact, it reallys sucks that I can’t spell. You are good at it.

  2. Aw man. That does suck. Are you guys getting any of that economic stimulus package thing? Maybe that could help you get a leg up.

    On the bright side, at least you don’t suck. creamedcorn apparently does!


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