Shortest Owned Pet


The Man found a turtle the other day.  Poor turtle was getting shoved around.  “Look at my turtle!  Look!  Look!”  At one point he put the turtle in his room, and I told him to put the thing in a box if he’s going to keep it in his room.  Did he?  No.  He lost his turtle in his room, so Mommy had to come find it.

Here is the Turtle sunbathing (HIDING)


And here is Turtle, again hiding, after being barked at by Gumbo:

And then five minutes after that picture, Daddy pulled into the driveway. 



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  1. oh, ew, about the crunch. yuck.

    My brother used to find turtles all the time when he was little. Once he put one in the cargo area of his Fisher Price trike. Unfortunately the axle ran through that cargo area and it ripped the feet off the turtle. Another time he put the turtle in the pool and the filter sucked the intestines out of the turtle’s…butt hole? I would assume that’s where it came from, but I didn’t take a close look.

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