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The Dude’s Sixth Birthday!


This birthday was Wednesday!  We went to Little Rock and ate and played games at Chuck E Cheese (see me stuffing my face?)  Then we bought one of their cakes and brought it back home!




The Week


I spent my days in an NCLEX review course (blah!).  Here are some pics of the family, eating (of course) and a tball game.  We ate at Cracker Barrel and then Red Lobster to celebrate Mine and B’s birthday.

T fell asleep on the boat

B playing T ball

This one cracks me up…  Doot Doot DOOOO!

Poor baby was worn out from the sun!

Popo eating ice cream

May 16th, Kindergarten Circus


This was really great!  The entire kindy class put on a circus!  All 11 classes combined!  There were elephants, monkeys, dogs, seals, clowns, jugglers, lions and tigers, cowboys, and more.  My kid was a horse!  They held it in the big gym, sold popcorn and cotton candy and soda.  It was great!  My pictures aren’t great, my camera battery died and I had to use my cell phone.  I have a bunch of video clips on my phone that I’ll eventually put on.  The lions and tigers did tricks to “Eye of the Tiger”.  The elephants came out to “Baby Elephant Walk”.  The dancing dogs sang “How much is that puppy in the window” and then did the twist to “Let’s twist again.”  The Monkeys did tricks to “Hey, hey we’re the Monkeys.”  It was all great fun!


Pinning, May 15th


Each school of nursing has it’s own embarked emblemed pin.  Only THAT school has that pin, and every graduate from that school of nursing gets one.   These pics are from our pinning ceremony.  Afterwards there were a few gals that got ‘capped’ which means that they were capped with the traditional nursing cap.  During the ceremony, while waiting for our pin, we pass the Florence Nightingale lamp.

Of course, my children were horrible and couldn’t sit, so Mike had to leave and take them out.  😦


Oh where, oh where have I been?


I started to load my 1000 pics but I don’t think that’s going to work, so I’ll do several posts of the last few weeks instead!

May 14th, there was a party at Hawgs pizza for our class.  One of last year’s grads has a classic rock band called “Code Blue.”  They are really great!  Here are a few pics from that.  There was eating, drinking, dancing, and classmates and professors getting tattoos on their boobs and butts!