Bittersweet Mother’s Day


Lucky for me, I was put on standby (AKA on call) Saturday night and did not have to go into work.  So Sunday morning, we all got to sleep in, no rush rush to school or work.   It was so nice!  Mike and the boys gave me gifts in bed:  a pink life jacket, bag of  peanut m&ms, and a bag of Heath bar minis (YUM)!  We went to breakfast at the English muffin, drove to Target and spent some of our stimulus money.

My Mom is expected this week for my pinning and graduation.  We called her on our way to Target to tell her Happy Mother’s Day.  Guess what?  She’s not coming.  I was already upset that they were going to drive 20 hours here and 20 hours back, but stay here less than 36 hours.  Now they aren’t coming at all.  She used most of her vacation when they went to Cancun last month, and now my Grandmother’s Brother passed away, so they are going to the funeral instead.  Then, (sigh) she’s on jury duty for a couple of months for a trial.  Nice.  The last time we saw her was last summer in Kansas.  I was really upset (still am) that I cried.  I hate that she is so far away and neither of us can travel to see one another (darn gas prices)!

But it was a good Mother’s Day for the most part!


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