May 16th, Kindergarten Circus


This was really great!  The entire kindy class put on a circus!  All 11 classes combined!  There were elephants, monkeys, dogs, seals, clowns, jugglers, lions and tigers, cowboys, and more.  My kid was a horse!  They held it in the big gym, sold popcorn and cotton candy and soda.  It was great!  My pictures aren’t great, my camera battery died and I had to use my cell phone.  I have a bunch of video clips on my phone that I’ll eventually put on.  The lions and tigers did tricks to “Eye of the Tiger”.  The elephants came out to “Baby Elephant Walk”.  The dancing dogs sang “How much is that puppy in the window” and then did the twist to “Let’s twist again.”  The Monkeys did tricks to “Hey, hey we’re the Monkeys.”  It was all great fun!



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