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Dear 1980s


Please kindly keep your teenage sweethearts and heart-throbs.  They do nothing but embarrass themselves.




Movie Thoughts: The Bucket List



The Bucket List  has two of my favorite actors, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  If you’ve ever lost someone to a horrible cancer, this movie will really touch you.  Two men make a Bucket List of things they MUST do before they die from their disease.  It’s a humor filled adventure that will also make you cry and think of the things in your life you want to do.  I find it sad that Sean Hayes is getting such small roles in films.  He has great timing and is very funny.  4/5 Beans!


What’s on your Bucket List?  Things you want to do in life.   I’ll have to think about mine and post later.

I Cried Today


I worked the last four nights and came home and completely crashed today.  Normally I sleep from 8-12 or 1PM, but today I was zonked out until the phone rang at 4PM.  Michael had taken the boys out on the boat with his friends (MondayGuyDay).  I walked down the dock and picked up the boys and The Dude said he had a surprize for me.  Ok, what is it?  He gets on his bike and takes off riding.  With no training wheels. WAHHHHHHHHHH!  My baby is growing up!

I thought they weren’t suppose to learn to ride bikes until like 16 years old!  And what is up with The Baby wearing underwear and wanting to go potty?  In THE TOILET?  We get rid of his crib and high chair and he thinks he’s all grown up?

I hate when they do something grown up, it makes me want a another baby to get back what I’ve lost.  And I get sad and depressed.  Then I think that if I got pregnant RIGHT NOW, then I’d be due March 23, 2009.  And that also means that it wouldn’t be until August 2014 that I would be done with daycare (the baby would be in kindergarten) and that it wouldn’t be until MAY 2027 until he/she would graduate and hopefully move out to college.  But at that time, I would be 50!  Yes!  FIFTY!  FIF.TY.

Of course this is SOO much better than the 47 I’ll be when The Baby gradutes.  Yeah, so much better.

Camping 2008: Planning



Ahhh, nature, fresh air, outdoors, not shaving your armpits for a week.  Camping.  So relaxing.  Yeah, right!  Getting the freaking tents up, unloading the vehicles, not letting your kid burn, drown, get eating by the world’s largest mosquitoes, or eat raw food is NOT relaxing.  But it’s fun, and memorable.

This year, we are going to the same place, LAKE OUACHITA  about a 30 minue drive from home (yeah REAL far huh??) but you’d never it know it.  It’s a 40,000 acre lake, the biggest in the state (more room for your kid to get lost). 

We rough it.  Tents.  No running water, shower or toilet (ok, NONE within a 6.79 minute walking distance) and no electricity.  We love it!  Last year some dumbass redneck had a huge old generator running at the site ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  Fucktard.

So last year it was our family, with some drop in friend (Flip and Em, Crystal and Ashley).  We’ll be there for 5 days, 4 nights.  This year the crew has expanded.  P and M and their son from Louisiana (hubbie’s friend from childhood), J and J and her son from TexASS (dh’s friend from college), D (dh’s friend from work), oh and J’s boss, girlyfriend and kids.  WOW!  So I *think* we’ll be ending up with SIX tents!  AcK!

Here’s my packing/grocery list:

tent, hammer, mallet, rope, tarp, grill, charcoal, lighter fluid, air mattress (?), coolers, chairs, table (?)

blankets, pillows, towels, clothes/swimwear, shoes, personal crap (sunblock, diapers, wipes etc)

outdoor play (noodles, kickboards, shovels, pails, motor boats, wagon, bikes, etc)

foil, ziplocks, plates, plasticwear, cups, papertowels, cooking utensils, frying pan, trash bags, cutting board, dish soap, washclothes, broom, clorox wipes

beer (lots), cokes, capri sun, water, HB buns, dawg buns, bread, HB, dawgs, PB, jelly, ham, mustard, ketchup, mayo, relish, cheese (sliced, shredded, block), potatoes, onions, peppers, smore’s shit, ribs, steak, poptarts, seasoning (cajun, garlic, s&p) butter, chips, sunflower seeds, salsa, tomato, salad, carrot stix, celery stix, veggie dip, dressing, eggs, apples, oranges, bacon

I figure we’ll need 2 beer coolers (one for campsites and one for boat), one coke/water/capri sun cooler, one for just ice, and 4 for food (if not more).

I know there is more that I need, but am now brain fried.

Oh, and I take my RN boards when I come back.  BLECH

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Movie Thoughts: 27 Dresses


Yes, another chick flick!!!  Husband person is out on the lake, so I can watch MY shows!  27 Dresses is your typical romance comedy.  Katherine Heigl (which is her actual birth name ~ refreshing) is the damsel in love with the man she cannot have, or at least won’t go for.  Through a silly bunch of embarrassing mishaps and tough decisions, she finally ends up with her man.  I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy, but I do like her in this and Knocked Up, very cute!  Malin Akerman, who seem sit be new to the Hollywood entertainment scene is very adorable, comes off as a mix of Carrie Underwood and Mischa Barton.  No, not Mischa, more Kate Hudson, definitely Kate.  She has two love interests in the movie:  Kevin, played by James Marsden and George, played by Edward Burns.  Edward Burns is very familiar, but I can’t place him.  I’ve seen The Holiday, but nothing else kicks in.  James Marsden has been in many television shows, but has come out in recent years with some great movies (Hairspray, Enchanted, and Superman Returns).  His smile is a charmer!  It’s a good, but typical chick flick, earning 3/5 beans!