Busy and Stressed Out Mom!


NCLEX.  Boards suck.  The review class that I took said that from now til the time you take the boards (for you non-nurses, this is our licensure board) you need to answer AT LEAST 5,000 questions!  OMG!  Depending on your date, that could be 150-300 questions A DAY!  Oh, and they tell you the longer you wait, the statistics for passing lower.  Great.  There are so many topics, diseases, fields, approaches,  and so on.  I have 4 NCLEX books, each with a disk of 1,000-4,000 questions on the CD, plus the questions in the book.  And there is an on-line one I use, that has another 3,500 questions.  HOLY CRAP!  Choosing how and what to study is so hard!

Anyways, I won’t say when my test is, but it is in the first two weeks of July.  I don’t want the pressure of having to give y’all an pass or fail.  If I fail (WHICH I WON’T), I want to take it in, does that make sense?  But when I PASS, I’ll be yelling, texting, emailing, myspacing, hitting up every blog telling everyone!  HA!

My kids have been pure evil.  Pure evil.  I worked the other night, and came home to Michael sleeping on the couch, where he had fallen asleep while watching a movie (reviews to come later).  I went in our bed.  I woke up about 10 am to yelling and screaming.  Apparently my wonderful children decided that they needed to open their window, kick out the screen, climb out, and go to the shed.  From there they brought multiple things in.  This includes the motor/steering column from their water boats, a box of sewing stuff, a box of paint for model cars, and so on.  Stuff they did NOT need, hence it being in the shed.  Further than that, they decided that the spools of thread needed to be made into spider webs around their room, so I lost about 10 spools of thread.  “Oh, that’s not bad”, you say?  Well how about this:


Yes, that’s paint.  All over the carpet, all around the room.  All on the walls.  All on the dresser.  All over them.  Not a happy mother.  However, my MIL (mother in law), who is your typical grandmother, letting them have whatever, saying maybe as opposed to flat out saying NO, told them to go in their room for being naughty boys when she came over that day.  I was very pleased at her for standing up to them.  🙂

Michael is doing well.  Did I mention he dislocated his knee a few weeks ago?  It still bothers him.  He’s had a third interview with a company, so we are waiting on an answer from them!  Cross your fingers!  Meanwhile, he’s working at a jewelry store and had me come look at rings (since mine is gone).  OMG, he had picked out the hugest most beautiful rings!  How sweet of him!

Anyways, I hope y’all find your summer going well, as ours is off to a rough start!


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