Red Box and Movie Thoughts



Ok, I’ve never been to Hollywood, much less a movie premier.  BUT, I have a new discovery.  The RedBox.  The RedBox is a movie rental machine located in very convenient places.  The two I visit are in Wal*Mart and by McDonalds.  For $1 (YES ONE FREAKING BUCK) you can insert a debit or credit card and rent a movie.  For each additional night you keep it (because we all know it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to take a shit without being interrupted by kids, much less sit for a 2.5 hour movie), it’s a buck more.  After 25 nights (and $25) it’s yours (not recommended).  From what I read these machines are located in very convient locations (fast food joints, gas stations, even hospitals).  If you rent from one, you can return it at any Redbox location.  I’ve always gotten a movie that I wanted, it’s never been out.  You can also go to the site and pre-rent your movies before you get there!  A definite FIVE BEANER (see below).


Movies are being rated from 1-5 Beans, with 5 being the best and 1, I wouldn’t let my worse enemy watch it, well maybe I would (more defined ratings to come later, the kids want to go to the RedBox)!



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