I Cried Today


I worked the last four nights and came home and completely crashed today.  Normally I sleep from 8-12 or 1PM, but today I was zonked out until the phone rang at 4PM.  Michael had taken the boys out on the boat with his friends (MondayGuyDay).  I walked down the dock and picked up the boys and The Dude said he had a surprize for me.  Ok, what is it?  He gets on his bike and takes off riding.  With no training wheels. WAHHHHHHHHHH!  My baby is growing up!

I thought they weren’t suppose to learn to ride bikes until like 16 years old!  And what is up with The Baby wearing underwear and wanting to go potty?  In THE TOILET?  We get rid of his crib and high chair and he thinks he’s all grown up?

I hate when they do something grown up, it makes me want a another baby to get back what I’ve lost.  And I get sad and depressed.  Then I think that if I got pregnant RIGHT NOW, then I’d be due March 23, 2009.  And that also means that it wouldn’t be until August 2014 that I would be done with daycare (the baby would be in kindergarten) and that it wouldn’t be until MAY 2027 until he/she would graduate and hopefully move out to college.  But at that time, I would be 50!  Yes!  FIFTY!  FIF.TY.

Of course this is SOO much better than the 47 I’ll be when The Baby gradutes.  Yeah, so much better.


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