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Yes, it’s still there


the laundry, needing to be put away.  YUCK.

I was stupid last night.  I stayed up all night reading.  Until 4 am.  I work tonight.  WTF was I thinking?

Today, Bren asked, “Can I have that pink thing in your room”  (rack the brain, rack the brain) 

Mama:  What pink thing?

Bren:  I’ll show you.  (runs off)

Immediately I hear the container of pink grapefruit tic tacs (blech).

Bren:  These candies mama!  (hands them to me)

Instantly I’m bombarded by three semi-naked boys.

Bren:  (kisses my forehead)  I love you very much mama.

Zach: (pushes Timmy) I love you THIS MUCH mama (opens arms wide)

Mama:  Oh wow Zach!  That’s a bunch!  Timmy, I love you.

Timmy:  Ok.  I want candies.

Bren:  I love you a thousand times.  No, a thousand-91 times!

Zach:  I love you more.

Mama:  Timmy, do you love me?

Timmy:  I want 6.

Mama:  Do you love me?

Timmy:  Ok

Mama:  How much do you love me?

Timmy:  (looks at Bren)  A Tousanssss

I had to laugh, it was too cute.


I love August



Why do you ask?  Let me tell you why.

1.  School freaking starts!   I get to unload TWO of my three boys for EIGHT hours a day!  What does this mean?  No more feeding extra mouths, no more fighting, no more peeing on the OUTSIDE of the toilet, no more 10 times a day clothing changes (no, girls aren’t the only ones to do this).  No more giant red toy bucket being dumped out (really giant, I bet Mike AND I can fit into it, at the same time).  No more stupid cartoons, no more mud and grass being tramped on my clean wood floors.  Just no more!

2.  Pay day.  There are THREE of them in August.  THREE!  That means one “EXTRA”.  No insurance being taken out either!  This leads my to two words:  SHOP-PING.  Enough said.

3.  Ok, there are just two.  But they are pretty good ones!

Oh, and no I don’t know who the girl is, but I’m trying to increase the interest of male readers!  Lmao!  Oh and look again, there IS an August calendar on that page!

Laundry and BoobIES


Yeah it’s done, nice and clean. In a huge pile in my room!  I hate laundry.  Especially post camping laundry!  All those towels and blankets to wash.

On another note, something funny.  When we were sweating in the tent, trying to sleep, Timmy and I were the only ones up (well Mike was drinking in front of the fire), he said, “CAN I see your frecKLE?” (place emphasis on the words in caps, add a little squeak, it’s really cute). I have a mole on my chest (look at my pics you can see it).  He calls it a freckle, it’s really cute.  As always he pokes it.  Sometimes he’ll try to take it off, and then tell me to take it off.  Well after he asked to see my frecKLE, he said, “CAN I see your  boobIES?”  LMAO, uh No.  “I want boobIES!”  Good grief.  Thankfully no one else was camping around us.  They’d call DHS/CPS on us!

Typical man, all they want are boobIES!

Parenting 101


I’m begining to enjoy reading the blogs other than those connected to Babycenter.  Upon researching blogs dealing with family life, I found Affinity Life.  The owner, Jarrett has written a wonderful series on parenting that I can really connect with.  It’s not just parenting, but marriage connection too, TEAM parenting.  He’s adding a part each Monday.  Here’s one to five


TWO     (I make many of those “heat of the moment descicions”)

THREE  I know that I focus too much on the negitaves.  My sil’s are very positive with thier kids (sometimes TOO much).  Point taken to focus on.

FOUR  I know many times that Mike and I have need support in one another.  We’ve learned not to over power and over step one another in regards with our children, we try to keep an open mind and do what is in the best interest of our children.

FIVE  This is hard for us.  I have friends who have children who I would say are very naughty.  Many of our friends are single and have no children.  We have spoke about joining a church to meet other families, but just haven’t made that step yet.

Where’s The Baby?


Where’s the baby?  Can you find him in this picture?  Yes, he’s hard to find.  This was around midnight when he had snuck out of his room, and was digging around in the kitchen.  He heard us and hid really fast.  Sorry for the bad picture, it’s with my crappy cell phone camera (note:  get camera fixed).  Good luck trying to find him.