Wow, An Influx of Stopper by-ers!


I’m guessing many of you stopped from Babycenter’s BarGIN Board.  Sadly I have no information on PP’s child, why NMU was shut down on the new Babycenter, or if JoJoBob is a real person or an annoying troll (duh). 

But, please!  Stop!  Read!  Bookmark me!  If I make you laugh, cry, or even feel better about your life (after reading my pitiful life stuff), then COME-BACK!  I’m going to talk about my BEWBIES soon!

If you are a blogger, and want to be added to my BLOG-ROLL, then leave me a comment!  I’ll add you!

Can I beg anymore? 

Oh, and I used to be cool on BHB.  🙂 


4 responses »

  1. Bewbies….I love this word!! It went over well when I used it on BBC!!
    and whats this about NMU? Is that why I can not access the board and I applied to be back on it but nothing. What happened there?

    Can’t really comment on anything else yet as I just made it here and saw Bewbies!!

  2. Wow… you have the same theme as me on your blog and your homestate is Nebraska! 🙂

    But I’ve, sadly, never been even close to cool on BBC.

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