Ooooh that smell, Can’t you smell that smell?




Yes that smell.  The one you KNOW is there, but you can’t track it.  It makes it do a double take and wrinkle your nose up every time you pass that spot, but where exactly is it?


Mine was in the pantry.  While making my grocery list I noticed it last Thursday.  Last time I had a smell in there, my mil stuck some onions in there, and they had turned black and mushy.  Oh but this smell was much worse.  Every time I opened the doors or walked by I could smell it, but couldn’t pin point it.  All the food (what little there was) was canned or boxed stuff.  The bottom 3 shelves are bake-ware, serving dishes, blender, etc.


So Saturday comes and I put the $300 in groceries away.  Still can’t figure it out.  I go to work that night.  Sunday I sleep a bit and we all go out in the boat.  Sunday is grill night.  We grilled pork chops and potatoes.  While the Dada and his friends (and the kids) were outside, I investigated the now rancid smell.  Mike said it was probably a dead animal (great).  So I pulled out all the dishes and bake-ware.  Nothing. 


I was about to give up when I noticed it.  The George.  The lid wasn’t sitting even.  When did I use it last?  More than a week ago?   What did I make?  Ohhhhh, chicken sandwiches……opening it up, yup there it was.   GAG.  Nothing worse than an old grilled rancid piece of chicken.  GAG.  The freaking babysitter put it away.  With the meat on it.  GAG.

Ooooh that smell, Can’t you smell that smell?


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