I need some good reads!  Now that I don’t have to STUDY, and have ‘time’ (yeah right, AKA ignoring your kids), I want to read!  I like mystery/history type fictional books (love Clive Cussler).  Love the Harry Potter books (omg, I just realized I haven’t read the last one!) and the Maximum Ride  by James Patterson books are great (which I need to finish those too).

But I also would like to read some good parenting books, self help/enrichment books, some teach me something books ya know?

Please give me your suggestions!  I’ll add them to my book list!


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  1. Since you put out a call, I would like to recommend “Angel Unaware” and “The Revelation of John: A Spiritual Novel”. I wrote both books (Charyl Miller Pingleton) and they are both “teaching” in a spiritual sense. If by chance you read them, let me know what you think!

  2. Parenting books: 1,2,3 Magic and Love & Logic.

    Entertainingly good books: Twilight (the series of books), New Moon, Eclipse & coming out next weekend- BREAKING DAWN.

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