So since I graduated, I of course had to go through orientation at work.  I have been an LPN on the cardiac floor, which has become home to me.  But for my greedy little hands, I decided to go to the float pool when I graduated (more money an hour!).  So during normal float pool orientation (as my memory serves me when I was a PCP/CNA in float), you spend maybe a week or so in each floor/unit, so you know the basics of how that unit runs.  Great idea huh?  For my RN float orientation, they put my on the cardiac floor for FOUR WEEKS!  Yes four. Quatro!  Piece.  Of.  Cake.  By the end I was easily able to handle the sometimes necessary 15 patients that we had.  Like I said, piece of cake!

So we go camping, take my boards, diddle daddle, so I’m off for almost two weeks.  I think, hmmm when I go back, I’ll take JUST  ten patients.  Yeah.  Uh huh.  10.  So I spend my first week back on the Oncology unit.  Cancer.  Yuck.  My wonderful father in law died on that floor two years ago.  I hate working there.  I won’t go on about the nurses that work there, because that’s another entire post in itself. 

As I’m sitting in report, listening about patient’s external vaginal tumors, FU5, loads and loads of morphine, cancer here, there, being “ate all up”, I’m thinking WTF?  Where are the post cath, check your groin site, vitals good, pedal pulses good patients?  These people are freaking S-I-C-K.  Ten my ass.  Maybe TWO!

I did have a great very experienced nurse that taught many things.  Our night started with me just following her, since I wasn’t certified to handle any chemo (Thank GOD).  But between having to give 5 units of blood, the chemo, the morphine, and one patient living out his last moments, Ten o’clock came and we had only seen three patients!  I took the last 6 patients, who were the “healthier” ones in the bunch.  Our blood finished, we changed the chemo, our patient passed away, and I somehow survived.  The next two nights were easier, if that’s what you want to call it.

The next week, I went with another float nurse.  We spent our first night in my 2nd love, the ER.   I love it there.  Last year when I was suppose to graduate, that’s where I had a job at.   They offered me a spot again this year, but for some strange reason I opted to stay on the floor.  Most of the night we had level four stuff, you know, the school nurse role.  Cut fingers, bitten off toe nails, headaches, etc.  Pretty simple stuff.  The second night we were on rehab.  Lots of post knee and hips.  Pretty simple despite the bigger load of patients.  And the third night was on our primary nursing floor, neuro.  Again five patients, pretty simple.  Lots of turning and neuro checks.  Again, I survived.

But tonight, alas, my time has come.  I enter the world of nursing by myself.  I will shine my stethoscope and press my whites.  My orientation time has come.  I will have my own group of patients to tend to.  I will wipe the brow of the weary, care for the sick, and love the weak ones.

Ok, wtf!  Really now!  I know that I will forever be in orientation and learning, and I know that I will have other nurses and staff around to ask and get help from.  But holy heck!  I’m kinda scared!  Which if you know me, the know it all, that’s a pretty big thing for me to say.  I wish they’d stick me on the cardiac floor!

Twelve hours!  Ack!  Wish me luck!


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