My New Toy


So my SIL (B1) always has a great bag.  Coach bags.  I always told myself when I graduated I’d get myself a nice big one.  But I never do.  I have an older bag, and a signature swing pack, nothing too fancy.  Both sil’s (B1 and B2) came to town this week, and she had a great bag!  I asked if she cared if I got the same one, of course she said not at all! 


Yeah, great bag, eh!?!  I LURVE it!  But again, I can’t see myself (at least right now) buying one since it’s so PRICEY.  So instead I had an impulse buy (more like stress reliever from naughty boys) at the mall purse kiosk.  Yes, it’s obnoxious and trendy, but I lurve it!


When I get my camera fixed, I’ll take a better picture (and yes that’s my freezer it’s on, corn dog anyone?)

Oh and no, B1 and B2 do NOT stand for what your naughty little minds are thinking of!  Their names begin with the letter B!


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  1. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who always looks totally put together down to the handbag but ,alas, it wasn’t meant to be! I really want the Coach Pleated Hobo but the $400 price tag makes that impossible!

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