My New Toy #2


Yipee!  I got a new car today!  My Tahoe gets about 13 mpg, and it’s 22 miles from home-school-home.  So 44 miles a day just to take and pick up the boys from school, is almost 4 gallons of gas!  Almost $16 a day for that!  And no way in heck I’ll put them on the bus at this time, they are way too young!  So Mike is taking my Tahoe, we traded in his truck for my Accord, and he also got a Honda CBR 600rr. The bike was cheap and wrecked, but in good running condition.  It needs a new body kit, which we ordered this morning from eBay (shipping from Hong Kong!), and it’ll be good to go!  Here’s my car, a 2006 Honda Accord EXVL, fully loaded, sun-roof, leather, V6, XM radio, 6 disc changer, etc, etc, etc.  It’s certainly THE nicest and newest car I’ve ever owned.  lol, I’m scared to drive it!  I’ll have to take pictures of Mike’s bike now and after it’s done.  It’s gonna be SA-WEET!


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