Camping, Route 44, And Other Random Thoughts


A few weeks ago, when Mike’s schedule came ut and I noticed that he had TWO days off ~ IN A ROW ~ I asked if he wanted to go out of town.  Ya know, Branson, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis.  Someplace for a weekend trip, and we could even take the kids.  He said, “Let’s go camping!”  And for some stupid reason I agreed.  If I had known then, what I know now, I wouldn’t have gone.

No, you can NOT go camping with a weather reading of:




The lake water was like warm bath tub water.  Ick.  Even by the dam it was warm.  You couldn’t get cooled down.  I took the boys to the gas station (I needed a really cold cold drink), just so they can be in the car with some A/C.  It was even worse at night.   The HUGE flies that bite (yes, house fly looking things that BITE and HURT), and other bugs were hungry, and our hot sweaty bodies were irresistible.  It wasn’t until after midnight that the last kid went to sleep, and very reluctantly at that.  They cried because they were hot, but did not want to go home. 

I read until about 3AM, reading Stephanie Meyer’s  first book in the Twilight series, Twilight.  It was very good, considering it’s geared to a teen age range.  I’m going to put the kids to bed tonight, open my bottle of Little Penguin Pinot Noir and read the second book, New Moon!  Then I’ll have to get the third one (Eclipse), which is only out in hardcover (I have the first two in paperback).  And the fourth and final book comes out August 2nd.  If you haven’t heard of these books, they are extremely popular and will more than likely be sold out (especially the new one).  Yeah, I didn’t know about them until recently either, but thanks to some wonderful ladies (HOFF HOFF), they geared me into the right direction!

Here’s a rock that Zachary found, errr, on a beach full of rocks.  He felt compelled to give it bunny ears.

Dinner.  Hmmm Dinner.  Mike is having a guys night out on the lake tonight.  Yes, the idiots are camping.  So dinner is my choice.  I kinda want to pick up some Olive Garden, but the boys are wanting pizza (again).  I thought about taking them somewhere, but we did go to this great little local joint, 2 Boys and A Dog.  We had some ice cream.  This was our first visit and it was more than I expected.  They had a mixing board (think Cold Stone Creamery) and a great lunch menu.  Certainly a stop for another time WITHOUT the boys.

What else?  Camping.  Brennen somehow toasted his roasting stick and burned Timmy on the back.  Then  while in the water, he skipped a rock, right into Zachary’s eye.  When we were trying to sleep, Zachary was crying because his legs were hurting.  So I measured them, stretched them, measured again, and noted to him that they had grown!  So he has told everyone today (strangers et al) that he grew last night.

Oh, and after the ice cream stop, I needed a drink (yes that kind, but I resisted).  I stopped at Sonic, and for some reason ordered a Route 44 Coke.  First, I never will drink a Route 44.  I drink that much in like three days (yes, bad I know).  Much less a coke!  I drink a coke with dinner most days.   That’s it.  What in the world posessed me to get that!

Gas.  My gas-O-meter hit half a tank today and I saw that I had driven 189.9 miles so far.  WOOT!  The dealership had filled it up before we left.  I’m hoping to make it until Friday, fill up, and see what my MPG is!

Here’s my Tahoe, that is now Mike’s Tahoe.  Please note the RIMS he put on them (rolls eyes).

Cleaning.  My house needs it.  All over.  ‘Nuff said.

Family.  I loved seeing Mike and the boys play and laugh in the water.  It’s nice.  They say money can’t buy happiness, but thanks to a nice gift from Mike’s mom, we paid and caught up on all our bills.  I’m not sure if that’s why we felt so much more relaxed.  But it was nice.  Real nice.

Dinner.  I’m still stuck on dinner.  I don’t think I want to go out, so I’m leaning toward pizza or chinese.  Hmm…

ETA:  It ended up being Dominos Pizza.

ETA2:  Added colors to separate my thoughts


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