Laundry and BoobIES


Yeah it’s done, nice and clean. In a huge pile in my room!  I hate laundry.  Especially post camping laundry!  All those towels and blankets to wash.

On another note, something funny.  When we were sweating in the tent, trying to sleep, Timmy and I were the only ones up (well Mike was drinking in front of the fire), he said, “CAN I see your frecKLE?” (place emphasis on the words in caps, add a little squeak, it’s really cute). I have a mole on my chest (look at my pics you can see it).  He calls it a freckle, it’s really cute.  As always he pokes it.  Sometimes he’ll try to take it off, and then tell me to take it off.  Well after he asked to see my frecKLE, he said, “CAN I see your  boobIES?”  LMAO, uh No.  “I want boobIES!”  Good grief.  Thankfully no one else was camping around us.  They’d call DHS/CPS on us!

Typical man, all they want are boobIES!

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