Yes, it’s still there


the laundry, needing to be put away.  YUCK.

I was stupid last night.  I stayed up all night reading.  Until 4 am.  I work tonight.  WTF was I thinking?

Today, Bren asked, “Can I have that pink thing in your room”  (rack the brain, rack the brain) 

Mama:  What pink thing?

Bren:  I’ll show you.  (runs off)

Immediately I hear the container of pink grapefruit tic tacs (blech).

Bren:  These candies mama!  (hands them to me)

Instantly I’m bombarded by three semi-naked boys.

Bren:  (kisses my forehead)  I love you very much mama.

Zach: (pushes Timmy) I love you THIS MUCH mama (opens arms wide)

Mama:  Oh wow Zach!  That’s a bunch!  Timmy, I love you.

Timmy:  Ok.  I want candies.

Bren:  I love you a thousand times.  No, a thousand-91 times!

Zach:  I love you more.

Mama:  Timmy, do you love me?

Timmy:  I want 6.

Mama:  Do you love me?

Timmy:  Ok

Mama:  How much do you love me?

Timmy:  (looks at Bren)  A Tousanssss

I had to laugh, it was too cute.


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