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First Grade Embarrassment


So Brennen is in the first grade.  Real school stuff.  Time to get down to business, master reading, math, and other wonders of the world.  Learn how to use your imagination, reach artistic levels, dream a little dream.  So in a self portrait expression on pencil and paper, this is what we get

Notice the detail in the curls on his head.  Very artsy.

Now for a portrait of his bootiful well rounded teacher

Nice.  Real Nice.


I’m going to eat my arm off


Dude.  Seriously.  I need foodage.  For a person who eats all day, anything and everything, I’m really going to eat my arm.  I had tuna on a bagel for breaky, a Arby’s salad for lunch, and now one singlette popcorn chicken (yes one single piece from the whole bucket) from Sonic.   The water thing, eh  I drank one bottle.  I do have a Route 44 diet sprite, that counts right?

Nothing to do with starving to death, but DAMN IT!  I charged my eBay stuff on the wrong PayPal stuff and have THREE overdrafts for $25 each!  So much for saving money on eBay!  But I did get a sweet deal on an 8GB mp3 playa!  Holla!

Not Going!


I am so completely sore today.  I can barely move.  And I work the next three nights.  I guess I need to work my way into this exercise thing, not go gung-HO right off the bat.  (yes, I hear the excuses too)  But really, see what I have to do today:

Yes, piles of laundry.  Thankfully they are all clean, just needs to be put away.   Plus there is a load in the washer, one in the dryer, and maybe one more to do in my bathroom.  Not counting sheets.  The second pic shows a HUGE pile, ugh!

I will try to eat  smart today, and drink my water.  And no, there are no Zebra-cakes hidden in the pictures.

Cheater Cheater, Milkshake Eater


Grrr, so whilst out picking up the boys and washing the car, I get a sweet tooth craving.   So I decided to try one of the infamous Chik-Fil-A milkshakes.  I hear many people brag on them.  Granted, it is NOT in my diet plan, but, well, ya know.

I go through the drive through, too embarrassed by my need of a giant cup of blended milk, sugar, and who knows what else.  I stick the cup in the cup holder of my still shiny new Honda, and drive out on the main road.   I grab the cup to pick it up, and . . .  SPLAT.  The freaking lid comes off!  Milkshake all over my car!  All in the two cup holders, down the side of the console, on my lap, everywhere!  Damn it!

Serves me right for cheating!

Day Two: Goal Met!


Ok, I need another quick walk on the treadmill and a quick legs workout.  I’m in a bad mood today, so I didn’t want to stay long.

Here is what I ate yesterday:

breaky:  small bagel and light cream cheese

lunch:  grilled ck, tomatoes, baby spinach, low fat mozz cheese

snack:  handful of pretzels

dinner:  some baby carrots


Breaky:  small bagel and light cream cheese

lunch:  left over homemade lasagna (ouch)

Snack:  handful of pretzels

Dinner:  probably some country ribs, but I’ll try to be healthy with them.

In October, we’re meeting my family in Kansas for a weekend.  I’d like to be 7 pounds less by then.  That gives me almost two full months.  I need to weigh myself.

I also have my eye on an AWESOME bikini on eBay.  LOVE IT!  I want to buy it and have it be my motivation for the lake next year.  When I win it, I’ll post pics.

And I bought a 4GB mp3 player on eBay today.  Hopefully I’ll get it soon, and can stay on the treadmill longer!
Tomorrow’s goal:  Drink more water!

Day One: Goal Met!


So at 9am today, my wonderful and *ahem**cough**cough* supportive husband asked what I was going to do today.

I’m going to the gym!

You are?


With who?

Me.  And Timmy.

(gives me a look)

What?  You think I’m NOT going to go?

Yeah.  you won’t.

Oh Yeah?  Watch me.

So at 9:35 I finally got out of this lovely chair, changed into some old yoga pants.  I decided to forgo the underwear, as I didn’t want to be digging them out all morning.  I tossed the kid in the car seat and off we go.

Oops, I drove passed it.  Damn, turn around.  I go in, sign me name, and ask the girl behind the counter if my membership card is in yet.

She asks my name.


Hmmm, I don’t see it.

I think it would be ready by now.

When did you sign up?


(gives me that look)  That’s really sad.

I know, thanks.

So now I have my lovely gold membership card.  Go me.  I drop the kid off at the child care center, which is really just a room with toys.  That’s what I get for joining the cheapest gym in town.

So I trudge up the stairs to the treadmills.  Goal:  fast walk/run on the treadmill for ONE HOUR.  I pick one in between a 50ish year old and a 60ish year old women.  I start with a good incline (2) and a fast pace of 3.  after 10 minutes I decide to run for 5 minutes, maybe even 10.  First off, the yoga pants are about 6 years old, have been through 3 pregnancies and just aren’t made for movement.  So instead of worrying about the ultimate wedgie, I am now pulling up my pants because every 5 steps my ass crack begins to show.  Great.

Run, the 50 year old has been running for about 5 minutes, so this will be a peice of cake.  OHhh, cake! Focus!!!!  About 2 minutes into the run, my lungs are on FIRE.  FIRE, BURN, FIRE.  Holy crap!  My rationalization was that I can walk around Wal*Mart and the Mall for hours, this would be cake.  CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!  Damn it.  I somehow made it to five minutes.  I burned 120 calories, did a mile, all in 15 minutes and 22 seconds.  That’s sad.  Back in the day, I ran a 7 minute mile.  Damn it.  Oh, yeah the 50 year old is still running.  Crap.

I decided to go to the circuit room, so that I didn’t look like a complete wimp.  I did some legs, some arms, couldn’t figure out the crunch machine to save my life.  I went back up to the treadmill, hung onto my pants and walked at a nice slow pace for 10 minutes, watching the end of People’s Court.

I even ate grilled chicken with tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, and low-fat mozzarella for lunch, with NO dressing!  Go me!


1.  Wear better pants

2.  Stay on the treadmill for 30 minutes

3.  Bring music

4.  Bring towel

oh, and I asked the lady behind the counter if there was a scale to weigh my big butt.  She said it was broken.  Thank goodness.