Beans, Everywhere Beans


So for some reason, there is a two pound bag of red beans all over the boys’ room.  It is now a quarter til five pm, and they are still picking them up.  Although there has been more playing, fighting, kicking, watching tv, swording fighting, peeing, needing to ask/tell/share something with me than there has been bean picking.


I had my yearly evaluation today.  I did get a raise (WOOT).  LOL, what’s funny was I was evaluated as an RN.  Ok, I have been out of orientation for two weeks?!?!  Oh well.

Speaking of work, last night I was floated to the geriatric psych unit.  I have worked there as a tech and as an LPN, but never as an RN.  The paper work there is completely different, especially the admits.  Of course, at shift change, I get THREE admits.  I called the house super and said that I don’t mind working there, but I don’t know the paperwork!  They said to do the best I could on the admissions.  There are many assessments (mental, cognitive) that I have not been trained fully on to determine the patients level of functioning.  Of course those pages were left blank.  It was a busy night, but a good night.  I had a wonderful RN from day shift stay over and complete ONE of the three admissions, what a  GODSEND!  And thankfully, my LPN and two techs were long term employees of that unit, and already new the patients and of course the way things work.  🙂

And one final thought, as I leave to get ready to work day three of four (what was I thinking).  Another local hospital faces closing.  I know that that link doesn’t show it closing, but they are losing their state funding and close as of September first.  That sucks that those nurses and other staff will no longer have a job.  Also, they had an accidental death this week.  I feel bad for that nurse that made that mistake.  It’s something we all hope we never do.  Protect your liscense people!  We were taught in nursing school to check, check, and recheck!


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