Working the Marriage, keeping the peace


Life is rough at times.  I’ve learned that in my short 6 years of marriage, the the marriage part takes a bunch of work and thought (and a ton of work on my jealousy issues).  I found this nice list on Bethany’s Blog  It’s a great list, I made a copy to hang on the fridge and put on my bathroom mirror.

20 simple rules

  1. Make Your Spouse a Priority
  2. Accept Differences
  3. Listen Carefully
  4. Compliment Daily
  5. Work Together as a Team
  6. Mind Your Manners
  7. Watch Less TV
  8. Find Time For Fun
  9. Do the Little Things
  10. Celebrate the Top 5 (Christmas, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Mother/Fathers Day, Wedding Anniversary)
  11. Think Positive
  12. Fight Fair
  13. Forgive
  14. Welcome Each Other Home
  15. Go to Bed At The Same Time
  16. Develop Mutual Friends
  17. Take a Date
  18. Make Love
  19. Pray For Each Other
  20. Treasure Your Spouse
-I BORROWED THIS FROM,, who had stolen it from Ali who stole it from 20 Surprisingly Simple Rules and Tools for a Great Marriage by Steve Stephens
(btw, after 7 months, I figured out how to have a larger font!)

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