I have not gone underground, yet


I’ve been one of millions of 30 year old to middle age Mothers, reading the teenage novel series. I mentioned them before HERE.

I’ve decided that I need read less murder-mystery books and more love novels/sagas.  I seem to have a peaked desire, if you know what I mean.  Hubbie is happy.

Ants, O.M.G.  I have ants.  I can’t get rid of them!  I went and bought little traps yesterday.  I tried one where I had them racing across my stove and down the cabinet, and today, there are gone.  So I will place the other 10 out around the house.  I also bought some outside stakes to help.  Then, I am having someone come professionally clean (No, I’m not a professional) my house, and then if there are STILL ants, have a professional come and spray.  It’s so irritating, that when I drive down the road, I feel like I have them on me.

Other than that, it’s been a great week.  I worked extra on Saturday night, we spent Sunday, no, was it Monday on the lake.  Mike’s bike parts have come in and him and the guys spent all night last night putting it together.  I’ll need to take some after pics and show you.  Darn it, you forgot to remind me to send in my camera!  I guess phone pics will have to do!

I start another round of three nights at work.  My schedule may change soon, as I was asked to come back to the cardiac floor, they need help.  I *think* I negotiated it where I won’t be losing/loosing my extra float pay!

I also got in the mail today, the Janet Evanovich series, Stephanie Plum.  I was told I’d enjoy them!  Yeah eBay!  Oh, and I also bought an iPod off eBay, hoping to use it in my car.  It’s cheaper than paying for the XM radio in there.  I also bought books for the kids off eBay, and a cover cover.  Oh that was drama, I hate being outbid in the last minute!

Ok, Peace, Lurves ya, Bai.


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