You Have A BWUT?


I’m making dinner, running around getting ready for work.  Trying to clean and straighten things so that Mike things I DID something (hmm, wonder if I have him fooled).  I’m in my room, socks and undies on, looking for a bra (wearing all white can be a PITA at times).  Timmy comes in, and with him only being 2.5 years old, I don’t feel the need to cover up in front of him, the other two, I do.  So he says,

Where’s your boobIES?

Me:  right here (I pinch his flabby baby boob)

Timmy:  where’s your weenie?

Me:  *Sigh*

Timmy:   where’s your weenie?

Me:  I don’t have a weenie?

Timmy:  You have a BWUT?

Me:  Yes timmy, I have a butt

Timmy:  You have a weenie BWUT.



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