That’s the only word have right now.  My kids are bugging me.  I ask them to clean up their mess (i.e. a giant red tote that I can fit in, now empty, toys all over), and they say, “it’s too hard” or they are tattle telling on one another every 5 minutes.  I’m doing the best I can NOT to go in there and spank them.  They don’t care if I toss out their toys.  They have no, ZERO, respect for ‘things’.  They have destroyed their room:  carpet is stained with paint and who knows what else, hole in the wall, milk and other crap on the walls, broke one dresser, about to pull the tv down from the wall.   By the end of the week, all they will have is beds in their room.


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  1. Hey woman! I have done the same thing! I have took everything out of their rooms except for beds and blankets! It was even so bad that we ended up taking their pillows too. It seems like nothing works cuz no matter what they still do the same shit! We give their stuff back and again its all over the place. Mine also say the same thing “Its too hard mommy, will you help us” I say NO!!! They go to crying! So I go in there and sit on the bed and watch them pick up everything and I have to tell them where it goes! So take away their T.V. and video games and sit in there with them and MAKE them do it!! Its hard at first but gets a little easier each time you do it! Make a routine of them cleaning their rooms every night at a certain time! Go in there with them maybe just maybe they will listen to you! That’s all the advice I can give you! I am a stay at home and I have been since I had my first girl, and I will still be one until the youngest (which is 2) goes off to school! GOOD LUCK!

  2. Kids: can’t live with them, can’t beat them. What’s a mom to do?

    I’m tagging you. See my blog for the info but basically you just tell your readers 7 randoms things about you.

  3. Oh lord I so feel your pain! I can’t even imagine having three one is plenty good for me. I just told the husband tonight that I was tired of being a stay at home mom. I want to go back to work.

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