Team Parenting #7


Monday has passed, and I’m late again.  Here’s part SEVEN.

I do agree that adult time is just as important.  Mike and I try to find things and the time to do things with one another.  Even if it’s out to dinner for an hour or so, it makes a difference.  Allows us to talk without “mama!” being called all the time.  But we do both also have our alone time, without each other too.  I think this keeps our feet grounded and lets us remember who we are.   I like to surf the web, blog, read, etc.  Mike likes to take his bike out (dang, I need to post those pictures for you) or take the boat out. 

Remember while being parents, we can still have fun, and be kids ourselves!


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  1. I totally agree with you. Brian has his time with his friends and goes fishing. Me I have a blast every Friday & Saturday out with my friends. As you know I stay at home all day long with 3 little girly girls ha! So yes that time away from them and hubby are good and even just going to the grocery store with Brian and no kids is awesome! Everyone needs their time including the kids (that when you send the to the grandparents LOL)

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