While feeding my children a wonderful meal at the mall, at the glorious Corn Dog Store, who has a menu consisting of corn dogs, hot dogs, chili dogs, nachos, french friends and funnel cakes.  Delicious.  I’ll accept my Mom of the Year award tomorrow, I need to get some clean yoga pants first.

So I hear this LOUD mom, telling her LOUD sassy teenage daughter to shush it after she yelled out to some boys.  So one of the three teenage girls says, “I want a funnel cake.”  Loud Mom says, “NO!  This is DIN-NER!  Not a snack!  You will eat a corndog!”

hehe, I too would’ve rather had a funnel cake over a corn dog.  I will honorably step down and let Loud Mom accept my award.


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  1. Geesh, that was probably me!! We recently went to our local fair and had funnel cake and curly fries for dinner. The kids were in heaven and asked if they could eat like that forever. Um, yeah, only if momma can.

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