Dude, get a Dell


Ok, maybe not a dell.  But I can tell you, having the first laptop issues I’ve ever had, it sucks.

I bought a used iPod off eBay.  Yeah real dumb.  I know.  Then to add to it, I bought one from a seller with ZERO feed back.  Real dumb.   I should know better.  No, I DO know better.  Back in the day, I used buy and sell Beanie Babies.  Yes even back in the day I was into beans.  My ex worked as a manager for Cracker barrel and would get the new ones in, and I sold them before they were released.  Real sneaky.  People got fingers broke over those things.  I think they were backed by gangs, maybe even terrorists.

(GRRR, my laptop just backed up and deleted all this and now I need to retype it!)


So the iPod didn’t work.  I kept getting error messages on my iTunes and the iPod.  Crap.  So after some good googling, I found a link to a download that won praises from other cool people like me who kept getting the same errors.  Thiers worked.  So after I downloaded it, within a day I lost my wireless drivers.  FREAKIN’ A.  No biggie.  I use the wired method, a bit old school, but it works.  Oh and I have to sit in the kitchen now.  GRR.

A few nights later, I decide that a chat with hp.com support would be cool.  We chatted and Harold gave me some instructions that included deleting what was suppose to be my old wireless drivers, and reinstalling a new one.  No problemo.  Until I reboot.  When I do, I get a message saying I need to download service pack one.  If you have Vista, you know what I’m talking about.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here is a hint:  DON’T GET WINDOWS VISTA.  Hence the reason for service packs, it sucks!

So I download the thing, and now I can’t get past an error screen to log into my desktop.  GRRR.  So tonight I call HP and get transferred once.  The man has me turn it off, turn it on, and hit F8 a bunch.  Then turn it off and on and hit F10 a bunch, which takes me to a testing screen of sorts.  I run a test and tell him I have error 1-07.  “Ohhh, THERE’S your problem,” he says.  “What?”  “Your hard-drive crashed.”  No fucking shit.  I didn’t need to hit a button a bunch of time to realize that.  That’s why I called you.  Now, I can do some stuff on my pc, but I don’t know anything about hard-drives and whatever.  I was hoping I could send it off, they easily fix it and send it back.  He said that is very unlikely  and it would be at least $200 for a new hard-drive.  Of course he offered to sell it to me right then and there.  Ugh.

I call Mike, who said he’ll take it to Daniel, who is suppose to be good at computer stuff.  So as of right now, Vista is gone off my pc, I have windows XP, and am trying to find a easy and cheap way to move my pictures and songs off this laptop.  Daniel said he looked and from what others say it will crash again, and he may not be able to save anything.  Hmmm, wonder if he got that information from the same place I downloaded the iPod stuff from.

So dude, get a dell!  Actually, I think we will be looking at an Apple Desktop here soon!


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