I was tagged by The Virutal Voyeur.   So now you must learn sever obscure facts about me, and then I will tag 7 other people to do the same about them.  Be forewarned, I’m pretty boring!

1.  I majored in band in high school.  Nine times.

2.  I love trauma.  Blood, guts, open cuts, bones hanging out.  Oh so cool.

3.  The day after Michael and I had sex for the first time, his lung collapsed.  Damn, I’m good!  Oh, it collapsed 2 more times after that, requiring surgery, attaching his lungs to his chest wall, so they won’t collapse again.

4.  I never have to shave my legs (ok maybe 4 times a year).  But my underarms get a 5 o’clock shadow around 10 am.

5.  I have a butterfly tattoo on my back.   I want another one with three suns (sons) but can’t find a design I like.

6.  I want a Harley type bike.

7.  I’m a picker.  I pick my nails, zits, my kids nails, thier scabs (ewww), my split ends, pick pick pick.

Now, seven people I pick from my blog roll  (choosing those not already on the VV’s list):









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