Team Parenting, Part 8


I really hope that you are enjoying these.  I really am!  It makes me stop and think about my family.  I know they are special, and I know I love them.  But making me think of these things and putting out in front of me lets me see the big picture.

Here’s Part 8 from Jarrett.

I love his Shrek and Donkey game!  I bet my boys would love it!  This comes at a great time, since the boys started school this week.  Actually just Brennen, and Zachary starts next week.  Sunday we went miniature putt putt, AKA Pirate’s Golf, a favorite of the boys.  We hit the park and played, then went for a walk around the water’s edge.  We ate dinner at Doe’s and sat outside.  The boys were able to feed the ducks, turtles and fish while we waited for our food.  It was a great relaxing family day.

Other things we like to do  (that doesn’t destroy the house):

1.  Make a tent over the dining room table

2.  Take the boat out.  I Love watching Mike get in (hmm, he’s sexy) oh, focus, and watch him play with the boys in the water.  They have so much fun!

3.  Already mentioned, putt putt

4.  Bowling, they boys FREAK over this.  They LOVE it!

5.  The park of course.

6.  Washing the cars (odd huh?)

7.  Brennen likes to read a book to his brothers.

8.  Snuggling with 10 blankets and all of us on the couch, watching a movie.

9.  Going to Target (what good boys I have!)

10.  Helping me cook, they love to be helpers!

What does your family like to do for fun?


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