I’m going to eat my arm off


Dude.  Seriously.  I need foodage.  For a person who eats all day, anything and everything, I’m really going to eat my arm.  I had tuna on a bagel for breaky, a Arby’s salad for lunch, and now one singlette popcorn chicken (yes one single piece from the whole bucket) from Sonic.   The water thing, eh  I drank one bottle.  I do have a Route 44 diet sprite, that counts right?

Nothing to do with starving to death, but DAMN IT!  I charged my eBay stuff on the wrong PayPal stuff and have THREE overdrafts for $25 each!  So much for saving money on eBay!  But I did get a sweet deal on an 8GB mp3 playa!  Holla!


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  1. ^^^The above poster does not have a right to talk about protein! 😉 Especially when she won’t even do a taste test.
    Bwahahahahahaha. J/K!


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