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Books I have read recently and soon to read


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Have read lately (since end of July-ish):

Stephanie Meyer:  Twilight; New Moon; Eclipse; Breaking Dawn

Jennier Weiner:  Good in Bed; In Her Shoes; Little Earthquakes; Goodnight Nobody; The Guy Not Taken; Certain Girls 

 Sophie Kinsella:  Confession of a Shopaholic, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Shopaholic and Sister, Can You Keep a Secret?

Janet Evanovich:  One For the Money; Two for the Dough; Three to Get Deadly; Four to Score; High Five; Hot Six; Seven up; Hard Eight; Visions of Sugar Plums, To the Nines; Ten Big Ones; Eleven on Top; Twelve Sharp; Plum Lovin’; Lean Mean Thirteen; Plum Lucky; Metro Girl; Motor Mouth

Charlaine Harris:  Dead until Dark


Soon to read  (all on order, in the mail, or on my bookshelf)

Sophie Kinsella:   The Undomestic Goddess; Remember Me?; Girls Night In, Shopahoilc and Baby

Janet Evanovich:  Back to the Bedroom, Smitten, Wife for Hire, Rocky Road to Romance, Fearless Fourteen

Charlaine Harris:  Living Dead in Dallas; Club Dead; Dead to the World; Dead as a Doornail, Definitely Dead, All Together Dead, From Dead to Worse; From Dead to Worse

Lorna Landvik: Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

  1. Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman– Elizabeth Buchan
  2. Wives Behaving Badly– Elizabeth Buchan
  3. Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn– Kris Radish
  4. Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral– Kris Radish
  5. Children of God Go Bowling– Shannon Olson (HC)
  6. The May Queen– Nicki Ricjesin
  7. The Four Seasons – Mary Alice Monroe
  8. Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons – Lorna Landvik
  9. Just Between Us – Cathy Kelly
  10. Sparkles– Louise Bagshawe
  11. The Faraday Girls– Monica McInerney
  12. The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book of Love – Jill Conner Browne
  13. Under the Tuscan Sun– Frances Mayes
  14. Sometimes I Dream in Italian– Rita Ciresi
  15. Do Me, Do My Roots– Eileen Rendahl
  16. The Persian Pickle Club – Sandra Dallas 
  17. The Master Bedroom– Tessa Hadley (HC)
  18. Happiness Sold Separately – Lolly Winston
  19. P.S. I Love You– Cecelia Ahern
  20. Love, Rosie– Cecelia Ahern
  21. Swift as Desire– Laura Esquivel
  22. The Bad Behavior of Belle Cantrell– Loraine Despres
  23. The Reading Group – Elizabeth Noble
  24. The Secret History of the Pink Carnation– Lauren Willig
  25. Intuition – Allegra Goodman
  26. Second Honeymoon – Joanna Trollope
  27. Emotionally Weird – Kate Atkinson
  28. The Hot Flash Club– Nancy Thayer
  29. The Hot Flash Club Chills Out – Nancy Thayer 
  30. The Starter Wife– Gigi Levangie Grazer 
  31. But Enough About Me. . . – Jancee Dunn

Meg Cabot:  Size 12 is Not Fat; Size 14 is Not Fat Either; Big Boned; Queen of Babble; Queen of Babble in the Big City; Queen of Babble Gets Hitched; The Boy Next Door; Boy Meets Girl; Every Boy’s Got One


Product Review: Kraft GRATE IT!


Ok, I normally buy the Kraft Parmesan, asiago, Romano blend, if not a true wedge of Parmesan.  But for a mere $4.99 I found the Kraft Grate-it fresh. 

Here’s a video demo I found

Now, it does grate that easily.  The mess is minute.  But it seems TOO soft to be true Parmesan cheese, not to mention how quickly it melts on my hot dishes.  I feel the flavor is too mild.  But my family loves it, and it’s not messy.  I’ll probably buy it again.

Sad, sad, sad


Mike just called me and asked if I could bring the air pump up to him, as he let too much air out of his tires.  He then said, ‘Gumbo (our dog) is not coming home.’  He was hit by a car.  This seriously makes me sad.  He was the best dog.  We got him on Zachary’s birthday.  He was a brindle colored chow mix, with the very back of his tongue being black. 

We were sitting outside earlier eating chips and salsa, Mike was playing with his bike (the air on the tires of course), and he had asked where Gumbo was.  I figured he was down at the lake, which is where he normally is.  He never leaves our street.  He always came in or out like we asked him to.  Not a very good guard dog though. A few weeks ago, around 9pm or 10pm, just me and the boys were home, and the doorbell rings.  I open the door to find our dog sitting on the front step with a man (who ended up being a friend of Mike’s that we know, and our potential new Realtor).  Silly dog.

He’s laying on the side of the road, stiff already.  It makes me mad that someone hit him, and kept on going.  Never stopping to see if he could be helped.  Ahh heck, he had a dog spa day scheduled for tomorrow, anal gland squeezing included.

I guess with the older two boys, I’ll have to be straight with them.  I think they’ll understand what happened.  I seriously have never cried over a pet before.  Damn it!

Fall Favorites


Yes, I’m talking about the telly.  My favorite shows were cut short last year due to the writers strike.  But they all start this week!  And of course, I work.  Thank goodness for the internet!


Dirty Sexy Money  LOVE this show!  BTW, don’t google search images for “dirty sexy money”, especially around your kids, or your grandmother.


Samantha Who?  I love the characters on this show, always funny!


Private Practice  I’ve never seen an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (I know, I know), but love this show.

Dancing with the Stars  Always live, always entertaining, I love it!

Presidential Stuff



Yes, I must say my part about this.  This November will be one of the most influential times in our country.  With the health care issues, environment issues (gas/oil, clean energy), money/financial (hello wall street), the War in Iraq, and many other mainstream issues, not counting perhaps the first non-White President, or the first female vice-President, you need to vote.  If you are unsure of who, what, where, or when, here is some help.  *links DID work at one time, please don’t fill out things if you don’t want emails and junk sent to you, nor blame me*

I put info on just the Presidential candidates.  Please be sure to check out your local and state government offices, as they are just as important as the Federal level.

First the contenders:


Views by Issues

Side by side view

Presidential Elections

On The Issues

Quizzes to help you decide

Vote Help

Vote Chooser

Vote Match

President Match

Political Base

Team Parenting 9 And 10


For whatever reasons, I have not felt like blogging lately, and have a need now to catch up on a few things.

Jarrett, at  has a wonderful Team Parenting series that I’ve been following.  Here are the latest.


‘Give each other a day off’  I’ve already have mentioned this, but Mike and I will do this.  It may not be a entire day, but a few hours, or an evening.  It’s important that we have time to ourselves, to benefit us and our kids.  It gives us a break, allowing to get away from the hub-bub (is that a word) and stress that a day can bring.

Part TEN

‘Hold each other accountable (be positive)’  I think the hard part of this is the be positive part.  On both ends.  I know that either party can become defensive and take a look or a tone of voice the wrong way, and all heck breaks out, and the blame game (with finger points and all) starts.  I think both parties need to learn and understand accountability and constructive criticism (myself included).