GO Saints!




What a rainy day!  We always get the riff of storms off the hurricanes that hit the gulf coast.  Yes, we live about 8-9 hours from New Orleans, but we get some good storms from them.  You should see the lake!  HUGE waves, at least for the lake.  I’m glad that Mike brought the boat in, it would’ve gotten the crap beat out of it.

My sister in law (SIL) went and stayed with my other SIL to avoid the storm.  I believe that most of Mike’s family stayed put in that area.  A few friends that live in Slidell left.  Oh and Mike’s second cousin (who had lost pretty much everything in Katrina) are here in town, again keeping away from the storm.   I haven’t heard of any damage reports from friends or family yet, but I’m hoping and guessing they got less than expected!  I’m pleased with the number of people who DID have sense to evacuate, despite the lack of stormage that really came.  Lesson learned!  I love that the Republican convention was scaled back, and President hope McCain helped put together care packages ~ IN OHIO!  HA!  Get a little closer there!  Oh well, at least he helped!

Michael got a call this morning, and was roped into head coaching Brennen’s flag football team. YEAH!  I feel complete!  I get to be head coach Mommy and provided snacks!  What’s really cool, is they go by NFL teams, and of course, we picked the Saints!  WOOT!  Good die hard Saints fans, even in the (many) bad seasons!  I can’t wait to see their team shirts!

With the storm, I went out and got a yummmy bowl of crab bisque from Fisherman’s Wharf.  It’s so good, thick and chunky!  I brought a bowl of gumbo to Mike, hope he enjoys it!  The resturant has a great deck, and is just around the corner from us, by boat and car.

Funny kid quip of the day:

Timmy:  Can I have drink?

Mommy:  No, it’s my coffee.

Timmy:  Ok (runs off)

Timmy:  (returns with Pizza Planet Buzz Lightyear mug)  I has coffee water.  MMMMM!


Loves it!


Ok, diet is good, pretty much no sweets or soda.  I am eating this wonderful and probably loaded with fat bisque though!  I did not go to the gym yesterday, as I worked extra Sunday night, and I didn’t go today, well because I have this wonderful soup to eat.  Ok really, I ran some errands and brought some Starbucks to my MIL.  I may go tonight, but certainly in the morning!  I’m trying to convince my new friend Priscilla to join!  She used to live next to my MIL, and has 3 little girls, 2 who are in school.  I know she reads this, so now she MUST join!  Brian, do you hear that!?!?!?!?

Ok, laundry time!


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  1. Janet you are sooo crazy!!! Yes I will join you at the gym as soon as I get on track here!! Oh yea My dad (R.I.P) loved the saints so I kind of took after him on that! My brother goes for LSU! I am still a die hard Razorback fan though! My favorite NFL team is Carolina Panthers! I hope everyone is doing okay in Louisiana I was born in Monroe!!

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