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Rain, have I mention that it’s raining?  92, 000 people in Arkansas are out of power, 21K of them here in our county.  Of course the schools are closed.  All the private schools, most preschools, the college, the beauty college, and all of the school districts within a 45 minute drive.  Except one.  Yeah one.  Oh, yea, it’s the one my kids go to.  I didn’t expect them to close though.  In the winter when it snows (yeah either a covering or 1-2 inches) EVERYTHING shuts down.  Except our school district.  Granted, it’s got the most money going in, but damn, they are strict on their closed days!

Of course, if you are one of my Nebraska or Colorado, even Wyoming friends, or anyone else who can functionally drive in a couple feet of snow, you know how ridiculous this is.  I understand closing when 95% of the outer roads in this town are flooded.  I get that.  But really, a covering, even a snow storm of 1-2 inches?  Yes, everything closes.  Except Wal*Mart.  And our school district.  And the first sign of snow, make sure you have groceries, because by mid-day the stores will be pack with panic stricten shoppers, hunting and scavenging the empty shelves for bread, milk, water, and batteries.  Good grief.

I remember once, I was really sick for several days.  It was in sixth grade, because I had that really cool yellow jacket.  Yellow and blue, with the awesome hood, and knitted zip-up area.  Real cool.  Anyways, I walked from our house on Avenue H, all the way to the bus stop at Westmoor elementary.  I remember standing there in the cold snowiness.  The elementary school teacher came outside and kindly told me that today was a teacher’s day and there was NO school.  OMG.  I had to walk all the day back home (I don’t think my Mom drove at this time).  By the time I trudged through the several feet of snow (not kidding), I was frozen.  My Mom made me drink cups and cups of hot tea, until I threw it all up.  To this day, I can’t drink tea.   Hot tea, cold tea.  Sweet tea.  If you’ve ever been in the South, you know how they are with their sweet tea.  I’m a disgrace.  A housewife who can’t make sweet tea. 

So, I’m quickly washing my scrubs and will soon go shower, before WE lose power.  Remember that tree that fell a while back?  It was cut down, but now the one next to it is hanging on the power lines.   I really thought of calling in, asking to be low-censused, but I need to work.  I’m planning a trip to meet my family is Kansas in October, and need the gas money.  My parents and siblings will drive down from Scoblo, and my Dad’s family will drive from Omaha.  We’ll have a big pow-wow, lots of Filipino food, a trip to the zoo, and shopping! 

Ok, I’m getting side tracked……


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  1. well lets see my power went off at 4 pm tuesday and came back on at 9 went back out at 11:50 pm and stayed out till today which is friday and its almost 2! Lake Hamilton lost power and the Primary flooded! Schools reopend today! I heard the Lakeside area was without water! You guys okay over there! WE lost all our food!!!!

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