Ike Ike Ike


Ok, not really.  I do like Ike, as in Eisenhower, but not Ike the hurricane.  I hate seeing those images of people in distress.  I can’t imagine not having power for a day, much less weeks!  Gustav left some people here in our area without power for 72 hours, so we’ll see what Ike brings us.  I hoping soon to be able to volunteer at the Red Cross as a nurse, and use my talents and skills for good use (instead of wiping butts, lol).  We’ll see.

But we’re going to get a bunch o’rain here.  I just tried to move Mike’s bike up against the house, so the wind doesn’t knock it over.  Well, the bike and I both fell over.  Those things are heavy!  My shoulder now hurts.

This weekend is the big bike rally in town, several thousands of motorcycle riders, women in too low and too tight black clothing, and men with long hair, either on thier face or head.  Between them and Ike, gas prices jumped the other day from 50 cents to a dollar in some areas.  A few towns around here, the price went over $5 a gallon.  Thankfully the Govenoner issued a gas gouging law, which is ironic, because I thought we were being gas gouged for the last several years?  Ha. Ha. Ha. 


Did I mention we’re due to get some rain?  Which means our yard and street will flood, trees will fall, and who knows what else.  There are already 4 trees in the back that are “down”, but not really because they are leaning against other trees.  Just as long as the two LARGE walnut or pecan trees (whatever they are) right smack behind our house don’t fall.  Then again  . . .

Of course, you know me, I’ll update soon!


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  1. Hey girl! Damn it once again we are without power! Its been out since Saturday night, they tell us it could be two more whole days before we get it restored!!! OMG!! I just bought alot of food too. Hopefully we will get power back Monday some time. Lake Hamilton is closed tomorrow. Yay for me! So looks like I might have to continue to put off the gym for now! Sorry! At least my Mom’s power is on, I can bring the kids here and bath and feed them. Take care!

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